Things to Have in a Wedding Guide

There are many things to consider before your wedding, and sometimes having a wedding guide proves to be very helpful. Depending when you are ready to start planning your wedding while the days get counted down on the calendar, it is never too early to start. Whether you plan 12 months before the time or eight months, you can be assured that all important things are covered.

When you have eight months left, you might want to start looking for a florist, caterer, photographer, baker, and a videographer. This is also the right time to order your dress and begin that guest list.

Before you know it, two months have passed and now there are only six months left. There is no reason to panic. You have ample time. Researching your honeymoon will pull you away from all the stress of the wedding, and deciding on a menu for the caterer and the bouquets will pull you right back onto the roller coaster. This is also the time where a calligrapher is booked and wedding invitations and stationary are ordered.

Four months to go and everything is on track. Book your honeymoon, order the wedding rings, schedule that rehearsal dinner, the best of all, and find that perfect hotel where you and your loved will spend your wedding night.

Two months and to the day, mail out invitations, shop for honeymoon clothes and lingerie and acquire those name-change forms. Make an appointment to see your hairstylist and send a few announcements to news agents in your area. You should also get your marriage license, write out place and table cards and confirm your honeymoon reservations.

Make sure you have a good night’s rest the day before and have a healthy breakfast the following morning. There is no doubt that you have forgotten anything with this wedding guide in your hand. Enjoy a happy life together!

Getting Married? Don’t Leave Home Without Your Wedding Guide!

Getting married in the very near future or thinking about how would I possibly organise such a day? Weddings are a special day that can be quite stressful if they are not organised and planned from the start. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for services or things to mess up causing you grief.

In this article we have compiled a simple checklist wedding guide that can help assist you in planning the lead up the big day.

Your Wedding Guide!

• Book in your wedding date very early to eliminate room for error
• Schedule in your florist and the flower arrangement you love
• Make appointments to see your photographer that you have researched from via referrals, bridal fairs or online searches then book early
• If require a videographer follow same steps
• Hire your DJ or a Live band
• View your favourite church / ceremony and lock in your day
• Source your wedding rings / bands
• If having an outdoor ceremony you will require a marriage celebrant
• Lock in your wedding venue early to avoid disappointment
• Head to your wedding dress shops to start fit outs. Referal recommendations are a great way
• The Groom and Groomsmen will require suits fits and pre-fits leading up to the wedding day
• Wedding cake
• Buy a wedding guest book so that written memories are captured forever
• If all this sounds stressful, hire your own wedding planner and they will do all the work for you
• Lock in your favourite cars to ferry you on the day. If you don’t require cars then use yours or a friend’s.
• Book in your relaxation honeymoon holiday early also

Having this simple checklist can help you get the show on the road. To book many of these services we recommend that you research them appropriately. A great way is to get referrals from friends and family. Ensure you have fun along the way so that the lead and the wedding date will be stress free and a day to truly remember.